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Why Do Needle Roller Bearings Make Metal Sounds?

  Even if it is a static load, the needle bearing has to bear a certain load, so as far as the bearing steel ball and dovetail guide are concerned, the material will also reach the service life of the bearing. In other words, during the working period, the needle roller bearings are worn out, damaged, corroded, and the sealing is damaged and other reasons will cause the needle roller bearings to fail during working hours.

  The life cycle time (or hours of operation at a certain speed) of the needle bearing is defined: the needle bearing in this life should cause original fatigue damage (shedding or damage) on any bearing ring or moving body. Most bearings fail for a variety of reasons - loads beyond the initial possibility, failed seals, and bearing clearances that are too tight due to over-tight fitting.

  Each of these elements has its unique damage type and will leave a unique damage mark. Therefore, in most cases, the inspection of the damaged bearing can find the most likely cause. Generally, one-third of needle roller bearing damage is due to fatigue damage, while the other third is due to poor lubrication. Another third* is due to air pollutants entering the bearing or poor installation. However, this corruption method is also domain-specific.

  Reasons for the sound of metal materials from needle roller bearings:

  Abnormal load occurs Correct installation, scientific research bearing backlash, adjustment and loading, and correct shell shoulder position. The installation is wrong. The machining accuracy of the shaft and the bearing seat is high, which improves the installation precision and installation method. Insufficient or unsuitable lubricant Fill up with lubricant and pick a suitable lubricant. Turn part contact Change the contact part of the bent hydraulic seal