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Two Installation Methods Of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

  Installation method of deep groove ball bearing

  Press fit: When the inner hole of the bearing and the shaft are fitted with each other, and the outer side and the bearing seat hole are loosely matched with each other, the bearing can be pressed on the shaft with a punching machine, and then the shaft equipped with the bearing is installed to the bearing seat hole together During the press-fit period, a soft metal composite assembly sleeve (copper or high carbon steel) is placed on the end surface of the inner hole of the bearing, and the outer side of the bearing firmly fits the hole of the bearing seat, and the inner hole For loose fit with the shaft, the bearing can be pressed into the bearing seat hole first, and then the diameter of the mounting sleeve should be slightly lower than the diameter of the bearing seat hole.

  If the bearing ring is matched with the shaft and the seat hole, the inner hole and the outer side should be additionally pressed into the shaft and the seat hole, and the outer side of the structural mounting sleeve specification should be able to additionally clamp the outer and outer inner holes of the bearing.

  Installation method 2 of deep groove ball bearings

  Thermal mutual fit: An installation method that changes the tight fit into a loose fit by heating the bearing or bearing seat and applying thermal deformation. It is a common and labor-saving installation method. This method is suitable for bearings with great influence on installation. Before hot mounting, put the bearing or separable bearing ring into the car oil tank and heat it evenly at 80-100 ° C, then remove the oil from it and install it on the shaft as soon as possible. To better prevent the inner hole and the shaft shoulder of the inner hole from being tightened after cooling, the bearing can be fixed in the wheel direction after cooling. Warming is applied when the outside of the bearing is mated with the non-ferrous housing. The hot mounting method of the housing prevents the mating surfaces from being scratched.

  When heating the bearing with the car oil tank, there should be a grid map at a certain distance from the bottom of the car oil tank, or the bearing should be suspended with a hook. Bearings should not be placed at the bottom of the car's fuel tank to avoid submerged debris entering the bearing or unevenness. For better heating, there must be a thermometer in the fuel tank of the car, and the water temperature must be strictly controlled not to exceed 100°C to avoid the actual effect of quenching and reduce the strength of the throwing ring.