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The Usual Disassembly And Assembly Method Of Agricultural Ball Bearings

  The disassembly and assembly of agricultural ball bearings are on-time maintenance, and the disassembly of agricultural ball bearings is carried out. After disassembly, if it is used again, or the condition of agricultural ball bearings must be checked, the disassembly and installation should be the same as the time. Take care that the agricultural ball bearing parts are not damaged, especially the ease of operation of changing the agricultural ball bearing parts.

  It is also very important to make common tools for disassembly and assembly according to the requirements. When dismantling, according to the construction drawings, scientifically research the disassembly method and sequence, and investigate the cooperation specification among the rubber bearings, to ensure that the disassembly and assembly work is foolproof.

  On both sides of the outside installation and removal of the clearance fit, set several screws on the circle of the casing in advance for extruding the screw of the extruder, and tighten the screw of the extruder evenly during installation and removal. The wire holes of the extruder are generally covered by individual agricultural ball bearings such as pipe joints, tapered roller agricultural ball bearings, etc. When the shoulders are open a few times, a protective cover block should be applied, which can be opened or tapped. The disassembly and assembly of the internal thread can be pulled out with a manual punch, which is very simple. At this time, pay attention to letting the punch bear its tensile force.

  Second, special tools for pulling and pulling are also commonly used. Regardless of the type of fixture, it must be firmly clamped to the inner ring. Therefore, the specifications and models of the shaft support shoulders must be fully considered, or scientific research should be carried out in the manufacture and production of shoulder grooves, to facilitate the use of pull-pull fixtures.

  The internal thread disassembly and assembly of large, medium, and small agricultural ball bearings adopts the air pressure method. It is very easy to drive according to the working pressure of the manifold steam at the inlet of the agricultural ball bearings. The steam working pressure method is used to fuse the pull-pull jig to carry out the disassembly and assembly of the full-width agricultural ball bearings.