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Precautions For Selecting Crossed Roller Bearings

  When choosing a crossed roller bearing, you must pay attention to the larger load of the bearing. According to the type of work and the working conditions, choose a suitable bearing. The crossed roller bearing can withstand comprehensive loads such as radial load, axial load, and overturning moment. Special, Therefore, when selecting bearings, the maximum load bearing capacity must be considered.

  In the operation of large and medium-sized construction machinery and equipment, crossed roller bearings will inevitably have places that cannot be taken into account, resulting in the use of large loads, which will then shorten the service life of the machinery. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not use the bearing beyond a large load to prevent damage to the bearing and shorten the service life of the machine.

  In the case of overloaded work, the crossed roller bearing may be stuck or not rotated. In this case, we can generally assist in completing the rotating motion of the hanging object by reducing the force and adjusting the feet or other parts.

  Therefore, when we purchase bearings, we must carefully measure each large load. According to the working conditions we use, the bearing load type, rotation accuracy, driving method, bearing speed, lubrication method, working environment, application occasion, friction torque, and other working conditions information can be used to select the appropriate bearing, to further improve the service life of the bearing.