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How To Prolong The Service Life Of Bearings Such As Roller Bearings

  Roller bearings are a kind of bearings. Bearings are a kind of part that occupies a key position in various mechanical equipment. Its precision and integrity are important factors that determine its ability to operate. However, bearings are generally the most worn out in machinery. A place, so to ensure the service life of the bearing, some maintenance and maintenance measures for it is necessary. The following deep groove ball bearing factory will introduce to you how to maintain the bearings.

  1. Energy-saving heat treatment Select new insulation materials to improve the energy utilization rate of heat treatment equipment; optimize the heat treatment process, increase process output, and give full play to the capabilities of the equipment.

  2. Precision heat treatment is to fully ensure the stability of the optimized process, to achieve a small (or zero) product quality dispersion, zero heat treatment distortion, reduce grinding residue, improve production efficiency, and save materials.

  3. Less and no oxidation heat treatment is changed from using protective atmosphere heating instead of oxidizing atmosphere heating to controllable atmosphere heating with precise control of carbon potential and nitrogen potential. After heat treatment, the performance of parts is improved, and heat treatment defects such as oxidation, decarburization, and cracks are greatly reduced. The finishing allowance after heat treatment is reduced, which improves the utilization rate of materials and machining efficiency.

  4. Clean heat treatment The waste water, waste gas, waste salt, waste oil, and electromagnetic radiation formed by heat treatment will pollute the environment. To solve the environmental pollution problem of heat treatment, the implementation of clean heat treatment (or green heat treatment) is one of the development directions of heat treatment technology.