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How To Judge The Quality Of Insert Bearing By The Appearance

  The insert bearing is not only widely used in various mechanical equipment, but also has a very large effect on the wheel and wheel of the vehicle. The key is to make it run normally, so how to distinguish the quality of the insert bearing from the appearance What? The following aspects are several aspects that must be paid attention to in the appearance inspection:

  (1) Various cracks, such as raw material cracks, forging cracks, heat treatment process cracks and cutting cracks, etc., such cracks will become stress sources and expand rapidly during the entire operation of the insert bearing, resulting in the insert bearing. Cracked, it is very harmful to the service life of the insert bearing and the safety factor during work. How to distinguish the quality of insert bearing according to its appearance

  (2) All kinds of mechanical equipment scars, such as abrasion, scratches, squeezing, bruising, etc., will lead to poor installation of the insert bearing, resulting in wheel weight and stress, resulting in reduced rotation accuracy and service life.

  (3) Corrosion, black skin, and black spots, the latter two are the shortcomings of very easy storage of water and waste and are most likely to develop into rust. Corrosion is a contaminant that causes poor installation, initial damage, and exhaustion. Severe rust can damage the insert bearing.

  (4) peeling and stretching, the two shortcomings are not stable with the base metal material, and there is usually a carburized or carbon-depleted condition around it at different levels, and the raw material is very easy to collapse, dent, or wear. It is very bad for the service life and accuracy of the insert bearing.

  (5) The riveting or electric welding quality of the ball insert bearing, the key observation is whether the bolt head is deviated, inclined, loose, lack of flesh or "double eyelid", whether the electric welding part is appropriate, whether the spot welding is too large or not. Is too small, whether there is weak welding or welding

  To distinguish the quality of the insert bearing, it can be done from the appearance of cracks, black spots, peeling, and expansion, etc. If the inverting body cannot ball the insert bearing and can rotate easily, it will cause insert bearing noise. And the rotation accuracy is reduced, which may even lead to equipment failure.