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How To Deal With Damaged Bearings

  Although the bearing is made of metal, it will be damaged, no matter what kind of hard material it is, but the degree of damage is different. Everyone knows that the quality of imported deep groove ball bearings is good, and they are all made of very good steel. Steel is a very strong material, but it can also be damaged. Imported bearings are running in the machine every day, and the non-stop friction can easily damage imported bearings. Therefore, we must also avoid damage to imported bearings and maintain them properly. Bearings, don't use the bearings indiscriminately, causing losses to yourself, so how to deal with the damaged bearings.

  Generally, if the bearing is used correctly, it can be used until the fatigue life is reached. However, there may be accidental premature damage, and cannot withstand use. Such early damage, as opposed to fatigue life, is the limit of quality use called failure or accident. Most of them are caused by inattentiveness in installation, use, and lubrication, foreign matter intruding from the outside, and insufficient research on the thermal influence of the shaft and housing. Regarding the damaged state of the bearing, such as the jamming of the ring of the roller bearing and the rib, as the cause, insufficient lubricant, unsuitable, defect of oil supply and discharge structure, intrusion of foreign matter, bearing installation error, shaft deflection, etc. If the curve is too large, these reasons will also overlap. Therefore, it is difficult to know the real cause of the damage only by investigating the bearing damage.

  However, if we know the machinery used for the bearing, the conditions of use, and the structure around the bearing, understand the situation before and after the accident, and combine the damaged state of the bearing and several reasons for investigation, we can prevent similar accidents from happening again. Summary of bearing damage and countermeasures: Bearing damage is generally used correctly and the bearing is used to reach the fatigue life. Accidentally and prematurely damage the ability to withstand use. This early damage fatigue life is relatively symmetrical. The quality of the accident is caused by the installation and use of lubrication. Insufficient research on the effect of bearing damage state The cause of the jamming of roller bearings considers the lubricant.