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How is the sealing and dustproof design of deep groove ball bearings achieved?

1. Rubber sealing ring: In deep groove ball bearings, the rubber sealing ring is an crucial layout function and is extensively used in the closed structure of the bearing. This sort of sealing ring is commonly product of put on-resistant and corrosion-resistant rubber cloth, and its flexibility and elasticity can make sure top sealing impact. The rubber sealing ring is precisely established across the inner ring of the bearing, forming an effective protective layer that blocks outside dust, particles and beverages from coming into the bearing. Its sealing overall performance is dependable, supporting to preserve the easy country of the bearing and extending the provider life of the bearing.

2. Metal cowl: Metal cover is every other not unusual deep groove ball bearing sealing and dustproof design. This design usually makes use of steel sheets that cover the outer ring of the bearing, forming a physical barrier that successfully prevents the intrusion of dust and impurities. Metal shields are to be had in one-of-a-kind designs and may be contact or non-contact, depending on the specific application necessities. These metallic shields offer extra safety and decrease the poor effect of the outside environment on the bearings.

3. Sealed bearings: Sealed bearings are a kind of deep groove ball bearings designed to provide a better degree of sealing overall performance. These bearings generally have double rubber seals or steel shrouds with embedded rubber seals. This design strengthens the dustproof and sealing capabilities of the bearing, efficaciously prevents the penetration of external drinks, debris and gases, and keeps a clean environment inside the bearing. Sealed bearings are suitable for environments that require higher sealing properties, together with moist or dusty conditions.

4. Grease safety: Deep groove ball bearings are full of wonderful grease, which no longer best helps reduce friction and enhance the operating performance of the bearing, however also has dust-proof and sealing functions. Grease can shape a skinny film that covers the inside of the bearing to prevent direct touch with external environmental substances. This design helps reduce wear and corrosion in the bearing and increases the carrier lifestyles of the bearing.

5. Dust ring: Some deep groove ball bearings use a dust ring attached to the outer ring of the bearing. This is a easy yet effective layout that stops dust, liquids and particulate be counted from coming into the bearings. The form design of the dirt ring typically fits the outer ring of the bearing to ensure entire insurance and successfully block the intrusion of the external surroundings. This layout now not most effective simplifies the sealing shape, but additionally provides an additional layer of safety.

Series 62200 & 62300 Deepen and thicken Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Series 62200 and 62300 deep groove ball bearings are high-performance bearing products with a deepened and thickened design. Its outstanding features include a deepened axial structure, thickened ring design, high-quality materials, and excellent load capacity and rigidity. These two series of bearings are also equipped with strong sealing and dust-proof designs, which effectively protect the inside of the bearings from external contaminants and extend their service life.
In terms of applications, these bearings are suitable for various industrial sectors including automation, motors, pumps, fans and transmissions, etc. Its high-speed running performance, stable operating status and reliable durability make it the first choice for a variety of engineering and mechanical applications.